How do YOU use Home Energy Pros?

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Thanks for opting in. This is a one-page, 3-5 minute survey about when and how you use Home Energy Pros. Your feedback can also help us improve Home Energy Pros. We appreciate your willingness to share your experiences. Thanks!
How many times did you visit HEP in the last week/7 days, not counting this visit?
Drag the items to the right box to rank the HEP areas you use most. If you don't check or use an area, don't rank it.
Drag items from the left-hand list into the right-hand list to order them.
When it comes to Home Energy Pros, which have you done?
(Pick all that apply)
Have you made professional connections through Home Energy Pros?
How have you interacted directly with other Home Energy Pros members? (Pick all that apply)
Has the Home Energy Pros community helped you solve a problem?
What other social media streams do you use?