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ANC 6B Hine Development Community Input Online Form

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The Hine Jr. High School is going to be torn down and a new, multi-use development built to occupy the entire block bounded by 8th Street, D Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, 7th Street and both north and south sides of a re-opened C Street. Some time ago, the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development conducted a competition and selected the development team of Stanton Development and East Banc, Inc. (Stanton-EastBanc) to do the project.  The project went through several rounds of review by the Historic Preservation Review Board in the spring of 2011 and is now about to go through a "Planned Unit Development" (PUD) zoning review process overseen by the Zoning Commission.  Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B, along with representatives of several community groups, is negotiating with the Stanton-EastBanc team about the full range of opportunities and challenges presented by the project.  ANC 6B would value comments and suggestions from the 6B community, via the form below, on a number of the key elements of the project.  At the end of this form you will be invited to tell the Commission where you live on Capitol Hill and have the opportunity to provide additional feedback, either in this form or by email. 

ANC 6B is interested in your thoughts on any or all of these items. You do not have to respond to every question to be heard - we are interested in whatever feedback you are willing to provide.  

Please note that this online form will close in two weeks on February 10th at 5pm. In order for responses to be considered in time for the subcommittee's initial discussion of benefits and amenities, please respond by January 30th at noon. 
Under the city's PUD system, in return for getting access to more flexible zoning options, a process is created that enables the development team and the impacted community to negotiate various aspects of the project including the provision of "benefits and amenities" to the community. Although these terms are not defined in detail, the gist of the idea is that the development team is required to identify the ways in which the project provides benefits to the community both through features of the buildings and grounds within the project footprint as well as through investments in adjacent activities of value to the community.
1. Do you have suggestions on specific "benefits and amenities" that you think the development should provide?
Name the benefit / amenity below: Please describe the benefit / amenity here (100 words or less)
benefit / amenity #1
benefit / amenity #2
benefit / amenity #3
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