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Can Mindfulness enhance savoring?

Can Mindfulness Enhance Savouring?

This research is being undertaken as part of a Positive Psychology Masters degree being undertaken at the University Of East London.The aims of this research are to explore whether being aware of the present moment helps individuals to enjoy their lives more. As a participant you will be asked to complete a set of questions which will take approximately 15mins. It is best not to think about the questions in too greater depth but to respond with as much honesty as possible. There are no expected negative consequences from the questionnaires but should you wish to discuss any outcomes you may e-mail the researcher at the following address to find out more:

Confidentiality of the Data
The project has been given ethics approval by the UEL board. All data will be kept in accordance with BPS guidelines. In the context of this research, all personal information will be stored on a secure, password locked computer file. Data will be anonymised and analysed with the final outcomes written into a journal article for future publication. All information will be destroyed after a period of 5 years.

You are not obliged to take part in this study and you are free to withdraw your information from this study at any time without disadvantage to yourself and without any obligation to give a reason. If you have any questions or concerns about ow the study has been conducted, please contact the study's supervisor:
Dr Sam Thompson, School of Psychology, University of East London, Water Lane, London, E15 4LZ. 

If you are happy to continue then please proceed.
You may find this a welcome opportunity to stop and reflect a bit on how you are enjoying life.