ATEP Alumni Survey

Prevention Domain
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Please rank the education you received in the Prevention domain in terms of the effectiveness of the ATEP in preparing you for your current employment. Any specific comments you wish to make may be entered at the bottom of the page.
1. Prevention:
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1. Prevention: *This question is required.Very IneffectiveSomewhat IneffectiveNeutralSomewhat EffectiveVery EffectiveUnable to Assess
Patient education on risk associated with participation *This question is required
Interpretation of preparticipation screening information *This question is required
Patient instruction on use of standard protective equipment *This question is required
Application of commercial or custom-made protective equipment *This question is required
Identification of safety hazards associated with participation *This question is required
Maintenance of safe & sanitary clinical & treatment areas *This question is required
Monitoring of patients & environmental conditions *This question is required
Design & implementation of physical conditioning programs *This question is required
Patient education of healthy lifestyle behaviors *This question is required
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