CT Herding Dog Rescue (CTHDR) ~ Adoption Application

CTHDR Adoption Application
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Applicant Contact Information:
1. Do you rent or own your home? *This question is required.
3. Preferred Phone Number:
4. Are you over 18 years of age? *This question is required.
The following questions pertain to your family.
8. Are all family members in agreement regarding adopting a dog through CTHDR? *This question is required.
10. Please tell us about each dog you own including breed, age, and gender, and any special circumstances.
13. Please check off all of the following that you have on your property.
15. Do you have regular visitors to your home, human and/or canine?
** Please contact your Veterinarian's Office and give them permission to speak with someone from CTHDR for your reference. **
17. Please provide the contact information for your current veterinarian.
** Please let your two personal references know that a representative from CTHDR will be calling them for your reference. **
20. Have you owned a herding breed of dog before?
21. What are your plans for your new dog (check all that apply):
23. Have you taken a dog for training in the past?
24. Are you willing to take your new dog to a training class?
The following are questions pertaining to the type of dog you are interested in. This is not a guarantee that a specific dog will be placed with you.
26. Preferred Gender:
27. Preferred Size of Dog:
28. Preferred Age of Dog:
Please do not be set on one particular dog. In the time it takes to process your application that dog may have been adopted by someone with prior approval.
30. Are you willing to consider adopting a different CTHDR dog that would be suitable for your home and family?
31. Will you allow a Representative from CT Herding Dog Rescue to do a home visit with you at a scheduled time? *This question is required.
32. I understand that any dog adopted through CTHDR must be spayed or neutered. *This question is required.
33. If I adopt a dog through CTHDR, and for any reason I can no longer keep the dog, I will return the dog to CTHDR. *This question is required.
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