Position Description Questionnaire

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The senior leadership of Oregon State University has engaged Sibson Consulting (a nationally recognized Human Resources consulting firm) to assist in the effort of bringing a fair and equitable Professional Faculty compensation system to OSU. With the guidance of Sibson, OSU established a project team and steering committee to lead this effort. After defining an overall compensation philosophy that outlines the guiding principles for the Program, including how pay will be determined, managed, and communicated, we are now in the process of creating job groupings and job titling guidelines.

As part of this process, we request your assistance in completing this online Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) to ensure we have the most up-to-date, clear, and accurate information for every Professional Faculty position. The project team and OSU's leadership agree that the people who best know the work are closest to the job—you and your supervisor.

Your response to this questionnaire (and subsequent Manager's review) will help create a better understanding of positions across the campus, which in turn, will enable us to:
  1. Create specific position descriptions that define the content and minimum requirements for each position.

  2. Update the University's generic job description specifications from which career progression steps in the job families will be developed (see chart below).

  3. Develop a job titling protocol so that titles are used consistently and appropriately across OSU.

  4. Compare salaries of positions at OSU to those at comparable institutions and organizations in order to obtain an accurate assessment of OSU's market pay competitiveness across the Professional Faculty population.

  5. Accurately assign positions to grades so that positions with similar impact, scope, and required knowledge are in the same salary grades.
This questionnaire does not measure your performance, and will not be used to eliminate jobs, nor cut an individual's pay.

Your input is an important part of this project. We want to thank you for your cooperation and helping ensure that Oregon State University will continue to have a competitive compensation program going forward. This Program will help OSU recruit and retain a diverse, high-quality workforce that helps fulfill the mission of the University.

  1. Read each item carefully and enter your responses.

  2. Describe the position, as it currently exists, not as it was in the past or may be in the future.

  3. Describe the position as it is typically conducted over an extended period of time (such as a year); do not describe just a particular dimension of the job or a temporary assignment.

  4. If you have questions or need help, contact your Business Center HR staff.

  5. Please submit/deliver this questionnaire to your supervisor/manager no later than Friday, July 6, 2012.