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Swim Lesson Registration Troy Aquatic Center

Troy Swim Lessons

Group Lessons: Morning and evening options!
Morning Lessons: 2 week session, Mon-Thurs (8- 30 minute classes)
Evening Lessons: 4 week session, Tuesday and Thursday evenings (8- 30 minute classes)
Cost per session: $45 Resident or Season Pass Holder, $50 Non Resident
There is a max of 12 participants per level and a min of 4, some levels or classes may be combined in order to meet minimums.

Private Lessons- One on one with an instructor. Private lessons are only held from 10:30a-11:00a Mon-Thurs. You can pick 3 dates during a session. (3-30 minute lessons)
Cost: $55 Resident or Season Pass Holder, $60 Non-Resident

Registrations begin April 13th and payment must be received by the Thursday before the session begins in order to attend.

Lesson Levels available:
SHRIMP- 6mon-3 yrs. Intended to develop comfort in and around water. Parent accompanies child in pool.
SEAHORSE-3yrs +, teaches buoyancy, breath control, & intro to basic water skills.
STARFISH- Learn unsupported floating & kicking while front crawl & back crawl are introduced.
GUPPY- Work on front crawl, back crawl, and learn elementary backstroke.
FLIPPER- Into to sidestroke, breaststroke kick, and continued work on previous strokes.
SEAL- Continuing stroke development and adding the dolphin kick, treading water, & breaststroke

Not sure what level??

  • If you child is under 3 we suggest SHRIMP
  • If your child is over 3, comfortable in the water without a parent we suggest SEAHORSE
  • If you child will get their face wet and can do basic floating and kicking we suggest STARFISH
  • If you child knows basic front and back swimming movements and will go underwater, and can float without assistance we suggest GUPPY
  • If you child can swim the front and back stroke for more than 10 yards and will go into deep water unassisted we suggest FLIPPER
  • If your child can swim a full length of the pool on their front and back unassisted and can tread water we suggest SEAL
1. Please fill out the form below and once recieived we will contact you to confirm your registration and organize payment. If you have multiple registrations please fill out a new form for each participant.
This question requires a valid email address.
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Please select the type of lessons requesting. *This question is required.
Level requesting: *This question is required.
Session Requesting: Choose a session *This question is required.
Private Lessons- Please list 3 dates from session requested you would like to have your lessons. Dates will be finalized with Swim Lesson Coordinator. Private Lessons are only given 10:30a-11:00a Mon-Thurs.
Please Check one of the following. *This question is required.
Method of Payment *This question is required.
2. How do you prefer to be contacted?
Please note that registration is not complete until payment is received. If you are paying by check please make the check out to Midwest Pool Management and mail to 156 Weldon Pkwy, Maryland Heights, MO 63043. Attn Swim Lessons

If you are paying by Credit Card we will contact you to get that information.
Once payment is received we will send your confirmation of your registration.
For questions regarding swim lessons you may call Audrey at 314-432-1313 x 4720 or email at