White House Joining Forces Initiative

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Please join in this important initiative. We would like all programs to get involved.
The American Psychological Association's (APA) Board of Educational Affairs and the Council of Chairs of Training Councils in professional psychology enthusiastically supports APA's partnership in the White House Joining Forces Initiative and have passed the following resolution in support of this:

We value the commitment and sacrifice that service members, veterans, and their families have made to our nation and believe that psychology plays an essential role in promoting the health and wellness of the military and veteran communities. Psychologists are leaders in developing treatments and implementing services specific to their needs. Through assessment, therapy, research, and program evaluation, psychologists are actively addressing some of the most significant challenges facing these communities, including post-deployment reintegration, posttraumatic stress disorder, post-combat depression, traumatic brain injury, family adjustment, and other behavioral health concerns.

The psychology education and training community affirms our commitment to prepare current and future psychologists to provide evidence-based, culturally competent clinical services as well as to advance scientific knowledge, promote health, and train other health professionals in deployment psychology. We also commit to continued enrichment of the psychology curricula, from high school through doctoral, internship, and postdoctoral programs, so as to improve professional and public understanding of psychological issues, including that of avoiding stigmatizing those seeking services.
As an individual professional psychology training program, you are being asked to join in this initiative by committing to as many of the following as possible. Those training programs who make the strongest commitment will be recognized publicly by APA and Joining Forces.
A list of participating programs will be posted to the APA Joining Forces Website, please provide the following information so your program can be included.