Tahoe Community Conservation Survey

Please take our brief 2013 community survey!
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The information gathered here will be kept confidential and used to coordinate conservation efforts and assist residents.
1. Are you aware of the Tahoe Resource Conservation District (Tahoe RCD)?
2. Which Tahoe RCD programs and services are you aware of? Check all that apply.
3. Please rank main environmental concerns from most important to least important
Drag items from the left-hand list into the right-hand list to order them.
4. Which best describes you:
5. CA Tahoe Residents only: Which area best describes where you live?
6. Business owners/managers only: Which area best describes your place of business?
8. I am interested in learning more about the following: (Check all that apply)
9. What types of stewardship activities are of interest to you? (Check all that apply)
10. Which types of not-for-profit initiatives would you consider supporting financially? (Check all that apply)
12. Which answer best describes the donation preferences for you or your business?
13. I am interested in being contacted about Tahoe RCD's programs
Contact information
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CA Tahoe Basin residents interested in Tahoe RCD services:
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