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Intrinsic Impact Subsidies Application

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Thank you for your interest in intrinsic impact research, and in the subsidy provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. This application is for the subsidy, but also gathers general information about your organization so that, in the event you do not qualify for the subsidy, we can still conduct surveying work with you if you are interested.

Information on the Subsidy:
1) This subsidy is only available to theatre organizations in the United States. That said, intrinsic impact work (and the web interface and support system Theatre Bay Area has piloted with WolfBrown) is available to all genres throughout the world. So if you are not a theatre company in the United States, but are interested in doing this work, please email Clayton Lord at to be pointed in the right direction.

2) The basic fee structure for intrinsic impact assessment through Theatre Bay Area is as follows: $1,000 one-time setup fee per organization to build your basic survey, provide you with tutorials on the basic concepts, and map out a plan for future surveying, plus $500 per production you choose to survey. The Duke Foundation provides a subsidy of $1,000 per organization for 30 organizations, which covers the setup fee. This means that any theatre organization conducting this work will have a minimum fee outlay of $500. We recommend, but do not require, that organizations doing this work for the first time plan to survey multiple productions over the course of a season to get a baseline.

3) The subsidy is meant to allow Theatre Bay Area to provide support to a cohort of thirty diverse organizations (diverse in all senses) within the theatre field of the United States. We will be taking into account board, staff and audience diversity, organization size, geographic location, type of work/mission, and proposed projects. That said, even if you do not get the subsidy, you will be welcome to participate in the surveying program.

Information on the application process:
1) Applications are due by June 3, 2012.

2) The application must be completed at one sitting, and over at most a few hours of time (though it shouldn't take that long). Please see the full list of questions you'll need to respond to below.

3) If you have any questions along the way, please email
This is the list of questions that appear on these subsequent pages. Please print/copy these questions and prepare them in advance, and then complete this application in one sitting. Thank you!

1. What is the name of your organization?

2. What genre(s) do you primarily work in? Please note, the subsidy can only be used for organizations looking to survey theatre performances in the United States (though all genres are welcome to fill this out to get more information and/or get started without the subsidy).

3. What is the primary contact for this application's information?

4. What is your organization's annual budget size and mission statement?

5. Does your organization explicitly speak to/attract/outreach to any of the following groups? (please select all that apply) Young children, Middle school-age children, High school-age children, Young adults (under 30), African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic/Latino, Other Ethnicities/Races, Disabled/Handicapped, First-time/Novice Artsgoers, Low-Income.

6. Should you not qualify for the Duke subsidy, would you still be interested in doing impact assessment? The answer to this question does not affect your odds of getting the subsidy one way or another.

7. Participating in this research successfully requires buy-in from both marketing and artistic departments within your organization. Who would the individuals be who would participate in the selection of questions and the understanding of the results? (Please list name and position--can include others within your organization as well).

8. What is/are the productions or exhibitions that you are interested in doing impact assessment on? Please give the title of the event, the creator/creative team, and both a synopsis and a few sentences on why you think this show is an interesting fit for impact assessment.

9. Please select attributes that apply to the project or projects that you are proposing for this impact assessment process (please select all that apply): Experimental, One-Person shows (written and performed by 1 actor), Challenging Material, Shakespeare - Non-Traditional Interpretation, Shakespeare - Traditional Interpretation, Star-Driven, Comedy, Classic Musical, Contemporary Musical, Family-Friendly, Contemporary Drama, Classic Drama, Based on a Book.

10. Why are you and your organization interested in doing intrinsic impact assessment? What, if any, strategic or practical implications might this work have for you (i.e. what are you thinking you might do with such knowledge)?

11. Anything else you want to tell us?