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SUCCEED 2012 Student Workshop

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Welcome to the online Student Application Form for SUCCEED: The SUmmer Center for Climate, Energy, and Environmental Decision-Making.

SUCCEED is a 5-day program designed to complement what you have studied in school and provide you with opportunities to expand your understanding of energy, the environment, and how those relate to climate change. At the end of the program. you will be able to answer a variety of question on mitigation, adaptation, and dealing with unexpected impacts, such as:

What is climate change? What is the role of engineering to solve the climate change challenge? How does a power plant work? Where & how is your electricity generated? How much do we consume, and how does this relate to electricity? What new building designs can be done? What can and can't you do to mitigate the impacts of climate change? Why is policy needed? Society has to make a decision, and how do you go about it? What careers could you have in climate, energy, or the environment?

If you are interested in answering these questions and if you will be entering 10th grade in Fall 2012, then SUCCEED is the program for you!

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