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SEAFAN Report Form

Welcome to the SEAFAN marine incident report form! SEAFAN, the Southeast Florida Action Network, allows residents and visitors of southeast Florida to become actively involved in the protection of our coral reefs. Anyone who is frequently out on the ocean can contribute by being keeping their eyes on the water and reporting any unusual marine incidents they observe.

This form contains three sections that will help us collect information about the incident you observed:
    -Section 1 of the form collects general information about the date and the type of marine
                    incident you are reporting;
    -Section 2 collects more detailed information about the incident you are reporting;
    -Section 3 collects information about you, the observer.

A completed report form should take no longer than 10 minutes. Thank you for your participation!

To report environmental emergencies, such as oil and chemical spills, please call DEP's Bureau of Emergency Response (BER): #DEP or 877-2-SAVEFL.

2. Type of Incident you are reporting *This question is required.