Robert W. Crawford Recreation and Park Hall of Fame Official Nomination Application (copy - June 21, 2012)

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Robert W. Crawford
Recreation and Park Hall of Fame
Official Nomination Application

To be selected, nominees must meet the following criteria:
  • They must have made an extraordinary and lasting contribution to the advancement of the park and recreation movement in the United States.
  • Their contributions must have been consistent with the mission of the National Recreation and Park Association and its predecessor organizations.
  • No nominee shall be considered until at least five years after their death. Selection to the Hall of Fame is a posthumous honor.
Individuals can be nominated before they are eligible.  NRPA will keep their information until they are eligible for the award.

Nominees will be considered without regard to race, sex, or religion.  This online nomination form should be submitted prior to mailing your supplemental materials. The following list indicates materials suggested to illustrate that the nominee meets the above criteria. See supplemental material guidelines for instructions on preparing these materials. 

Required Materials:
  • Summary of the nominee’s accomplishments in relation to the criteria (maximum 500 words)
  • Resume or vita of the Nominee that includes career timeline and educational accomplishments
  • Headshot photograph (1-2 images, see guidelines for specifications)
Suggested Supplemental Materials:
  • Service to NRPA or predecessor organizations, including leadership roles and/or work products
  • Other professional memberships held by the nominee, including any leadership roles or service accomplishments (state associations, other associations/organizations)
  • List of awards won by nominee
  • List of professional memberships held by nominee
  • Letters by colleagues/customers/friends of the nominee in support of the nomination
  • Casual images of the nominee “on the job” (no more than 10 images, see guidelines for specifications)
  • Articles, books or other products written by/about the nominee (citations)
  • Honorariums named after the nominee (awards, scholarships, professorships, buildings, etc)

Applications will be accepted on a rolling deadline. All applications must be received by July 23 to be considered for acceptance to the Hall of Fame at that year’s Congress.
Mail supplemental materials to: Hall of Fame Nomination
                                                            National Recreation and Park Association 
                                                            22377 Belmont Ridge Road 
                                                            Ashburn, VA 20148

1. Nominator Information:
2. Nominee Representative Information (family member/colleague to be present at awards ceremony on behalf of Nominee)
3. Nominee Information
4. NRPA or predecessor organization Member? *This question is required.