Crowd Calendar - Best and Worst Days Questions

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1. [Worst Park] Should each day name a "Worst Park"? For example, on slow days where every park's crowd level is less than 3.0, does one park have to be "worst"?
2. [Best Park] Should each day name a "Best" park? For example, on very busy days where each park's crowd level is higher than 9.5, does the calendar have to choose a "best" park to visit?
3. [The 7-Day Rule] Should each park be listed as a "Best" park at least once per week?
4. [Terminology] The calendar uses the terms "best" and "avoid" to describe its recommendations. In terms of understanding the recommendations, is a color-coding system (such as green for "good" and "red" for avoid) better, worse or the same as the words "best" and "avoid"?
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