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Amarillo Route Delivery Driver

Culligan Route Delivery Driver Application

Are you a strong, healthy person with awesome people skills?

Can you lift 40 lb bottles of water, 50lb bags of salt, and wink at secretaries?

We need a friendly person to deliver bottled water and salt to our Culligan customers.

You have more face time with our customers than anyone else in the business so you have to be quite likable.

For the record, we've been in central Texas taking care of water for over 5 decades. We love our customers, we take great care of them and we plan to be here for another 5 decades (and then some).

Another fun fact... We love our team members.

On average our team members have been with us for over 10 years and several for over 25. We provide great benefits, ongoing training and opportunities to better yourself.

You must have a valid driver’s license. Since we are driving big trucks in residential neighborhoods and our customers trust us to be in their homes, we have a thorough background check and drug testing program. If you have a troublesome history or addiction issues, we are cheering for your success in overcoming them, but we can't put you behind the wheel.

Neat appearance a big plus +… and we’ll provide sweet logo’d Culligan gear.

This is a full time position so you need to be available to work 8-5, 5 days a week.
Pay starts at $9.50/hour plus commissions.

Fill out the application below to see if you have what it takes… We will contact you by email, phone, or text for an interview.
1. Go ahead. Fill me out.
2. Valid Texas Driver's License?
3. Do you smoke?
4. Driving Violations?
In other words, were you great at turning upset customers into loyal fans? Fixing the computers in the office? Generating new sales through learning prospects needs? Lifting heavy things without throwing out your back?
Current jobs... Previous jobs... Future jobs... Whatever you think is most relevant.
We understand that work... Well, it can be work. But we like to have fun people on our team and this is one way for us to learn more about you.
This is your chance to tell us about important parts or your personality that we forgot to ask you about. Go ahead. Brag a little.