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The Business to Business Sales Essentials Assessment

Welcome & Instructions

Important Instructions - Read before Proceeding

Congratulations on your assignment to take the Business to Business Sales Essentials Assessment (B2BSE℠).  This assessment will measure your knowledge and awareness of the best practices associated with selling in a business-to-business sales environment.  It is product, service and industry agnostic, and covers foundational principles of the entire sales B2B process:

  1. Preparation and Organization
  2. Prospecting
  3. Conducting an Initial Appointment
  4. Conducting Effective Needs Assessments
  5. Presenting Solutions to Uncovered Needs
  6. Developing and Presenting Proposals
  7. Effectively Handling Resistance
  8. Closing Sales Professionally
  9. Follow-Up Skills
  10. Account & Territory Management

Questions are grouped by their associated competency (or above step in the sales process).  The grouping by competency is done by PAGE - one page for each competency. Each of the ten competencies consists of five to twelve questions, for a total of 80 questions in all.  Most questions are in a multiple choice format and questions may have multiple correct answers.  We recommend you read each question and its possible answers thoroughly before answering.

Focus. This assessment requires you to fully focus on each question.  it is best taken during periods of time when you can be interruption-free.

Scoring.  Correct answers to questions on this assessment have positive points associated with them.  Point values increase for the most correct answers and fewer points for second best answers.  Incorrect answers may score either zero points for mildly incorrect answers, or negative points for strongly incorrect responses.  Bottom line: read the question and the associated answers carefully before responding!

BACK and NEXT Buttons: At the bottom of each PAGE are two buttons, BACK and NEXT.  The two buttons allow you to move forward or backward in the assessment.  Whenever you click on either button, all of your work up to that point in time is saved.  This action will permit you to log off the assessment if you want to take a break.

Measuring Your Progress: At the bottom of each PAGE below the two buttons, BACK and NEXT, you'll see a progress bar.  It will tell you how much of the assessment you've completed when you finish the questions on the PAGE.

Suspending an Assessment in Process: This is a lengthy assessment and typically takes more than 90 minutes to complete.  For this reason you may want to suspend your progress to date and log off, then log on at another time and continue where you left off.  You may do this multiple times.  To suspend an assessment, it is best to do so when completing a PAGE.  Make sure to click on the NEXT button so your work to date will be saved.

Please note the message on the top of each page of this Assessment: Save and Continue B2B Sales Essentials Assessment LaterThis is a live link that allows you to leave the assessment at any time and return at a later time.  Please click on the message and follow the prompts for your email address, which will provide you with a link in an email to you so that you may resume your assessment in process.

Completing the Assessment - SUBMIT Button.  On the last PAGE of the B2B Sales Essentials Assessment, you'll see a SUBMIT button.  Only click the SUBMIT button when you have fully completed the assessment.  Once you click on the SUBMIT button, you cannot go back to the assessment.  Clicking the SUBMIT button sends all of your answers to our Assessment Processing Center, where your responses will be analyzed and a score report generated. 

Copyright Notice: This assessment and its related content are copyrighted materials and may not be reproduced in any manner or fashion without the express written permission of Boyer Management Group.  By clicking the NEXT button I agree that I have read this copyright statement, understand it, and will be bound by its provisions.