Dataplex Customer Feedback Survey

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Your feedback is very important as we continue to improve the performance and usability of your Dataplex cache software. Your input can also help steer the future direction of Dataplex in terms of new features and functionality.

Please answer the following 12 questions to help us improve your experience with Dataplex.
1. Which cache SSD product are you using with Dataplex?
2. Where did you purchase your cache SSD product?
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3. How did you hear about your cache SSD product?
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4. Are you using Dataplex for business or personal use?
5. Which of the following best describes the primary use of the PC on which you use Dataplex?
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6. How would you rate your ability in modifying and maintaining your PC?
7. How would you rate the Dataplex software installation process?
8. How would you rate the performance increase of your PC after installing Dataplex?
9. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with Dataplex?
10. How likely are you to recommend Dataplex to a friend or colleague?
12. Would you be interested in joining the Dataplex Beta program for early access to new software releases?
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