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Test Your NYC Oscars Trivia

1. Which 2012 Best Picture nominee was based on a novel by Brooklyn writer Jonathan Safran Foer?
2. Only one "Transformers" movie lists NYC as a filming location. Which is it? Hint: not this year's nomination for Best Sound Editing.
3. Which Queens native studied film at NYU and directed a movie that's nominated for the Best Visual Effects award this year?
4. In the plot of the 1955 Best Picture winner, "On the Waterfront," police know who's behind a series of murders in Hoboken, but witnesses to these crimes pretend not to know. The witnesses are said to be following the strict code of _______.
5. New York native Sofia Coppola was the first woman to be nominated for Best Director for "Lost in Translation." In what city was it shot?
6. How many films in the "Godfather" trilogy won Best Picture?
7. Which Manhattan native holds the record for the most Oscar nominations for acting?
8. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, native Barbra Streisand tied with Katherine Hepburn for the 1969 Best Actress Award for her portrayal of which NYC vaudeville superstar?
9. Which film based off of a Broadway musical won 10 Oscars -- the second highest number of awards given to a film?
10. The Academy Awards have been held at the Kodak Theatre since 2002. Why did Rochester, N.Y.'s George Eastman name his company Kodak?
11. "A Morning Stroll," nominated for the 2012 Best Animated Short Award, details a New York City walk through the eyes of what kind of bird?
12. Which film won Woody Allen his first two Oscars?
13. 1962 Best Writing, Story and Screenplay winner, "Splendor in the Grass," was shot in New York City, but its plot unfolds in which state?
14. Which author hated New York City, according to his obituary in the New York Times, and is portrayed by Manhattan native Corey Stoll in the 2012 Best Picture nominee "Midnight in Paris?"
15. Only one of these ex-pat artists depicted in "Midnight in Paris" was raised in New York. Which one?
16. Which film, set on the Upper West Side and starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, won the Best picture Award in 1961?
17. Rooney Mara, of Bedford, N.Y., is nominated for Best Acress for her role in which 2011 thriller?
18. Which Queens native played Salvador Dali in "Midnight in Paris?"
19. Nora Ephron earned her second Best Writing nomination in 1990 for what iconic story of love and loss in New York City?
20. Which 2006 film, nominated for Best Actress, used only Paris and New York for its backdrop?
21. New York City native Eric Roth wrote the screenplay for "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." Roth once won the Best Adapted Screenplay Award for this film, which also starred an actor featured in "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close":
22. Ruth Gordon won Best Supporting Actress for playing which character in the NYC-based Roman Polanski film, "Rosemary's Baby?"
23. 1969 Best Picture winner, "Midnight Cowboy," introduced which of these classic New York City movie lines?
24. Which film set in New York City was nominated for 10 Academy Awards in 2003, and won none of them?
25. In the 1972 Best Picture winner, "The French Connection," what's the nickname of the tough NYPD detective played by Gene Hackman?