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Researcher's Application


in2scienceUK is a STEM insight programme for disadvantaged year 12 students. The programme includes skills days, careers advice, workshops and events to support students' university access and STEM career choices. The core of the programme and highlight for students is a placement with a researcher in academia or industry. We could not offer the programme without our volunteers. Please fill in this form to help us learn more about you and match you with students who will benefit most from a placement with you.
About YouIf you have previously volunteered with us in any capacity, please use the same name and email address we have for you or contact us to let us know your details have changed.
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Are you a STEM Ambassador? *This question is required.
Which of these best describes you?If you are a returning host but would like to update the details of your research that you previously gave us (field, description, techniques, student's suggested A-level subjects), please choose First time placement host