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Mentor Application

Welcome to the Bloom Mentor Application Process

By applying you are committing to the following program expectations:
  • Attend Mentor Orientation Session(s) prior to start of cohort
  • Complete Mentor Training Modules
  • Conduct two 60 minute mentoring sessions monthly as scheduled with your student. Mentoring meetings will be held at your place of work, a local library or school or via webex/conference call
  • Proactively reschedule any sessions as needed due to conflicts
  • Document key topics covered at each mentoring session
  • Attend at least 2 BLOOM pop-ups to meet other participants
  • Participate in at least 1 annual community volunteer event
  • BLOOM is a nonprofit organization funded by donations. BLOOM mentors are asked to¬†contribute a $100 donation as an investment in the BLOOM program and processing fee of their required¬†background screening. Mentors receive a charitable contribution receipt.
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