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Mentor Application

Mentoring Applicant Guidelines

MentorKids Kentucky exists to support and love at-risk youth from single-parent and non-traditional households. We do this by matching them with adult Christian mentors to help them persevere through the trials of life, building their character in the process and offering them hope for the future.

Qualifications for a MentorKids Kentucky mentor: 
•    Demonstrate faith in Jesus Christ 
•    Agree with and sign the MentorKids Kentucky Statement of Faith 
•    Be at least 18 years of age
•    Live in Owensboro or a surrounding county for at least six months 
•    Attend church regularly 
•    Have a valid driver’s license and access to an automobile covered by liability insurance

Mentor Approval Process: 
•    Submit a completed Mentor Application
•    Undergo a thorough background check  
•    Be interviewed by a MentorKids Kentucky Staff member 
•    Attend a new mentor training session

Responsibilities to mentee and MentorKids Kentucky: 
•    Commit to a one-year, once a week mentoring relationship with a youth 
•    Be a positive role model by demonstrating positive character
•    Communicate weekly with the legal guardian and MentorKids Kentucky via group text
•    Honor all commitments made to your mentee (outside of unforeseen circumstances)

Applicants are NOT suitable to mentor for MentorKids Kentucky if they: 
•    Have been involved in a violent crime or a crime against a child 
•    Have been charged with a drug or alcohol-related offense in the past three years 
•    Participate within a homosexual lifestyle  
•    Condone or promote the act of abortion 
•    Engage in sexual activity outside of marriage

By signing below, I agree to follow all mentoring program guidelines and understand that any violation will result in suspension and/or termination of the mentoring relationship. *This question is required.
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