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2. Does it matter to you whether the show is published on a consistent day and time?
I try to announce upcoming guests a few weeks in advance, adding audio to the page once it has been recorded. Should I continue that practice or just post the show and the info when the audio is ready to listen to?
4. Would you be interested in bite-size, 5-10 minute Art Heroes shows focused on quick tips and ideas for your art career?I'm thinking these would run every weekday except Thursdays. Bite-size shows would expand on ideas from the weekly conversation, comment on art news, or might delve into specific tips on a common theme (a week's worth of tips for email newsletters, for example).
5. Does a call in show on art business basics appeal to you?Do you want to be able to ask questions live on the air about art business and marketing basics? I felt like the format was a good way to get audience interaction and answer listener's questions directly, but it was hard to fill an hour without more callers.
6. If the call in show did return, would you participate by calling in?
8. Have you downloaded the free sample of Art Heroes review?
9. Do you find Art Heroes Review to be a useful complement to the radio show?The format of Art Heroes Review is designed to be an educational resource that helps to focus the ideas discussed in the show and make them easier to take action on.
Space Cell Rate Art Heroes Review
Visual appeal
Edits to present ideas clearly
Useful information
Pull quotes
Summary page
Links to resources
Searchable text
Ability to skim or skip ahead
Space for note-taking
Bookmarking pages/passages
Copy/pasting into other documents
Permission to run limited excerpts

There are two possible answers to this question—

One answer is what you believe the Review is really worth (based on what you expect to get out of it and the cost of similar resources).

The other answer is what you would realistically be willing to pay for an issue.

The second answer is the one that's more important to me in this context. Please be honest— if the answer is zero, write 0. I'm trying to figure out if there's a demand for the Review that justifies the costs of production.

Each issue of Art Heroes Review costs $120 out of pocket and takes about 10 hours of editing and formatting to produce. To make the Review a viable project, I must at least recover my costs.

This question requires a valid number format.
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