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Poll: Recruitment conferences & events

1. What do you think is a fair admission price for each of the following *This question is required.
Space Cell $0 (free)$1-50$51-100$101-150$151-250$251-500$501-750$750-1000>$1000
Conference (one day) *This question is required
Conference (two or more days) *This question is required
Online Webinar *This question is required
Business Breakfast Event *This question is required
Networking Event (One hour) *This question is required
2. What's the single biggest obstacle preventing you from attending a conference? *This question is required.
3. Rate the following formats (Assign more stars to a format you are likely to attend in the future)
Space Cell Stars
Online Webinar (Free)
Online Webinar (Paid)
One full day conference
Two full day conference
Business Breakfast Event (Paid)
Business Breakfast Event (Free)
Networking Event (Free e.g Tweetups)
Networking Event (Paid)