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Location Based Technology and it's impact

With the recent introduction of 'Facebook Places' there has been an increasing awareness of location based software from the general public and businesses alike. The USA have been the innovators of these 'check in' services, whilst the increasing use of smartphones has lead to an explosion of this software but.... What has the 'up-take' been like among the public and businesses?
1. Have you heard of any of the following 'check-in' services? (If no, go to question 13)
2. Do you use any of the following? (If no, go to question 13)
3. What is your preferred location check in service?
4. Do you check-in on your social time, during work or both?
5. Do you check in at every possible opportunity, or just when you remember to?
6. What is your main reason for using check-in services?
7. Are there always suitable places for you to check-in near you?
8. Do you think the check-in services are easy to use?
9. Do you feel that you will continue to use the check-in services?
12. Do you think there is a future in location based software/technology as a viable marketing tool for businesses?
13. What age group do you fall into?
14. Where do you live?
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