The Velocity Index

The Velocity Index
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Assess your company’s Velocity
Velocity Principles
1. Rate how far your company thinks ahead and acts fast to delight customers… 1 = negligible movement with a tendency to sit back 5 = a pervasive, responsive, eager can-do culture where people at all levels are empowered to act boldly, delivering quality work and service for customers. *This question is required.
2. Rate your company’s ability to have a sense of where it’s heading… 1 = weak, meandering along, without clear goals and no real shared connection 5 = a clear sense of direction, a shared purpose that points the way for the future with an understanding of the metrics that matter along the way. *This question is required.
3. Rate how well your company combines speed + direction with agility + focus so it can multiply its contribution… 1 = a general failure to exploit momentum and grow successful ideas 5 = the rare ability to spot opportunities, grow markets and geographies to exponentially increase your organisation’s relevance. *This question is required.
4. Rate the extent to which staying focused on clear goals and delivery excellence are ingrained + embraced at all levels… 1 = poorly, with standards variable + often reluctantly adhered to 5 = ruthlessly + habitually, but in a good way, with everybody energized and critically engaged. *This question is required.
Velocity Laws:
Law 1:
A Smith & Wesson beats four aces
5. How well is evolution encoded into the DNA of your company? *This question is required.
Law 2:
Easier done than said
6. How good is your company at making things happen quickly –then inculcating a culture of iteration, so new creations keep getting better? *This question is required.
Law 3:
The best advertising isn’t advertising
7. How far has your company moved towards building a reciprocal, meaningful digital connection with its audience? *This question is required.
Law 4:
Convenient is the Enemy of Right
8. How well does your company resist an internal culture of convenience and easy options to defend design values and deliver uncompromised end product? *This question is required.
Law 5:
Respect human nature
9. How good is your company at getting beyond the wealth of data and myriad options available to be better at curating, editing and simplifying for people? *This question is required.
Law 6:
No good joke survives a committee of six
10. To what extent do clearly articulated filters and focused leadership help your company stop groupthink and corporate committees from smoothing off your edge? *This question is required.
Law 7:
Have a purpose larger than yourself
11. Is there a big, brave ideal at the heart of your company? If so, how well is it broken down into increments that enable everybody to keep improving. *This question is required.
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