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Personal Career Stress Evaluation

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This evaluation identifies the level of stress you are experiencing in your current career situation. It is based on a synthesis of the areas of stress that our clients have expressed over the years. The results will be analyzed and we will provide you with a personalized report. The rating is graded on a scale of 1 to 5: The "1" represents an Average Level of Stress and escalates to "5" which represents an Extreme Level of Stress.
1. Is job security an issue?
2. Are you stressing in regards to solid and achievable career goals?
3. Does your current job environment make you feel recognized and adequately compensated?
4. Are you stressed about marketing yourself effectively?
5. Do you feel confident with your interview skills?
6. How important is it for you to achieve a more balanced and worry-free life?
7. Does the prospect of changing careers stress you?
8. Does it stress you that your resume or cover letter may not be getting a positive message across to prospective employers?
9. How confident are you with the labour market in terms of the demand and value for your transferrable skills?
10. Is negotiating job offers and benefits something you are comfortable with?
11. What level of stress are you experiencing in your work environment?
12. Does your work stress level affect your quality of life?
13. How comfortable are you at handling office politics?
14. Is a sense of lacking a purpose in life an issue?
15. Is being able to identify the sources of your stress, frustrations, and to know what you can do about it important for you?
16. Are there difficulties in your employment background with respect to job jumping, employment gaps, and lack of formal education?
Your complementary personalized report will be sent to your email address.
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