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5 Survey Terms You Should Know

If market research is new to you, or you are a student looking to gather data for a project or thesis, or maybe you’re just creating a survey for the first time for any number of useful reasons, there are some jargon-y words that can prove a bit tricky to the uninitiated. It’s been a [...]

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Restaurant Surveys – Back to Basics

To restaurant owners and managers – do you know why you’re surveying your customers? While that question may seem derisive or deprecating, I want to first assure you that my intentions are nothing but constructive, and come from a warm place. The reason I’m asking is that I genuinely get the impression many restaurant managers [...]

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How to Reduce Meetings Using Online Surveys

Don’t be a cockalorum. How great is that word, cockalorum? It’s phonetic music to my ears. While germane to very few conversations, and used in even fewer, it means a small, self-important man; someone afraid of being exposed as the ostensible Napoleonic ruler of middle management they oft tend to be. To be honest, the [...]

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How To Improve Your Email Deliverability Rate When Using Survey Invitations

Despite claims that “email is dead”, it remains the most popular form of communication for organizations. Even with the rise of text messaging and social media, your customers prefer to receive your messages via email. “People still spend half their workday dealing with it, they trust it, and overall they’re satisfied with it, according to [...]

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Are You Asking the Right Survey Questions?

You know you have been asking the wrong survey questions when you have a ton of data and you still don’t have the answers you need. Crafting an effective survey is no easy matter. The key to success is knowing the right questions to ask. Too often, marketing surveys tend to focus on the what [...]

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What You Need to Know When Using Word Clouds To Present Your Qualitative Data

Now that you have completed your qualitative research and text analysis, are you wondering what the best method is to communicate your findings? You could present your data in tabular form – but how boring is that? What if you want to shake things up a bit to grab your audience’s attention? A creative visual [...]

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