01/31/13 Release Improvements: Fixes!

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We released a handful of fixes in the past week!  Read on for the details.


  • List of Dropdown Menus question type does not score properly inside of quiz score action- This is now fixed!
  • The invite merge code in email campaigns behaves strangely in HTML preview mode - This is now fixed!
  • The ‘Open’ statistic in email campaigns is not working - Now fixed!
  • Cannot ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘reactivate’ contacts from a campaign only - This is now fixed!
  • Quick edit mode not working in Firefox - This is now fixed!
  • All of the basic options are missing from the audio player - This is now fixed!
  • Cannot edit survey title - Fixed!
  • Unable to add a question from the question library - Now fixed!
  • The “Hide report elements if they have no data” setting in Summary Reports prevents questions and charts from exporting to Word - This is now fixed!
  • Cross tab reports with numerous table questions in y axis are displaying incorrectly - This is now fixed!
  • When in full screen mode on a Summary Report, clicking “Edit Questions” and adding an element does not return to full screen mode – This is fixed!
  • Text changes to the “Reset Password” email message as well as the “Logged in As” messaging within the “Account” or “Profile” tab – Now fixed!
  • HTML no longer rendering in “View Responses” tab in grid view – Fixed!
  • Approving ideas in brainstorm corrupts survey and leads to a whitescreen that prevents user from logging in – This is now fixed!
  • Bulk editing for answer options saves the reporting values as the answer titles after editing – Now fixed!

That’s all for today! 


SurveyGizmo Customer Support

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