02/08/2013 Release Improvements: Fixes!

Greetings Gizmos!

We released a lot of improvements and fixes in the last week.  Read on for the details!


  • Email Statistic Improvements – Statistics are now broken down by message!


  • Essays added via Quick Edit will not respect line breaks in response – This is now fixed!
  • Table of Textboxes accepts values not in forced auto-complete list in IE8 – Fixed!
  • Combining SGUID and Login Actions returning to the response always returns you to the login page – SGUID links will now return you to where you left off unless you use the “User must login in again” option!
  • Login/Password User must enter Password again option does not work with single use passwords or lookupID – This is now fixed!
  • Invalid password allowed in action when editing response – This is now fixed! Invalid passwords will not be accepted and, in the case of single use passwords, it will display an icon that indicates you have already logged in.
  • Themes are being cut off in Preview – This is now fixed!
  • Page Title Color option does not work for Corporate Shapes Themes – This is now fixed!
  • Special characters in Offline breaks upload – Fixed!
  • Download survey to PDF whitescreening -This is now fixed!
  • Translated title not displaying in download survey to PDF – This is fixed!
  • Reminders sending to contacts who have completed the survey – This is now fixed!
  • Deleting a Survey Template does not actually delete – Fixed!
  • Contact Mgmt Custom Fields not available when creating a segment – Fixed!
  • Polls won’t display in IE9, maybe IE8 – Fixed! Polls display in all versions of IE!
  • JS Embeds not working in IE7 or IE8 – Fixed! JS Embeds now appear in all versions of IE!
  • Find & Replace not working with multiple special characters – Fixed!
  • Adding repeat reporting values via Add/Edit in Bulk removes answer options – Fixed!
  • Copying a survey with Email Campaigns copies Save & Continue settings in Email Campaigns – Fixed!

That’s all for this week!


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