05/10/2013 Release Notes: The Fantastic Fixes!

Thank SG it’s Friday (and congratulations to all those graduates out there)!
Here are fixes we pushed out this week:

  • We made a change to how scheduled Email Campaigns work - There is now a link inside the invite where there used to be the option to schedule the invite that says “Need to set up a scheduled send? Click here to apply for approval.”
    Once your list & messages are approved, you’ll then see the option to schedule the send. In the past, if it was scheduled & we approved the campaign, the message would go out upon approval (ignoring your schedule).
  • Table of Radio Buttons or Checkboxes were registering as “not compatible” in Offline Links – Fixed but we recommend creating a new Offline Link to ensure it works properly.
  • “None of the Above’ special setting & ‘Max Answers Selectable’ validation did not prevent an Other textbox from being edited – Works as expected now!
  • Accented characters in answer options were showing up decoded in the View Responses > Browse Responses section -  Fixed!
  • Only 50 teams could be viewed at a time in Users, Teams & Roles > Teams – You can now view 150!
  • Cookie based Duplicate Protection wasn’t working in Settings – Fixed! Mmmm, cooook-ies!
  • Piped Rows into tables wouldn’t hold onto table validation – Hold me now. Fixed.
  • Hover Over Alt Text was including HTML in textbox questions – No more.
  • A redirect action would redirect immediately upon loading an Offline link – Now they dont
  • Page logic was triggering when using the Back button – Fixed!
  • Multiple Image Choice questions were showing up as Single Image Choice questions in the Editor, causing confusion – All cleared up!

As always, thank you so much for using SurveyGizmo & we’ll see you next week!

(And don’t forget to stay hydrated, graduates.)

High fives from SG Support!

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