12/10/2012 Release Notes: Enhancements and Fixes

Good Day Gizmos!

We have a handful of enhancements and  fixes for you today; read on for the details!


  • Ability to hide response count in charts as well as tables when the “Hide Response Count in Reporting Elements” option is checked – Previously the fly over in pie and bar charts displayed response count regardless of the “Hide Response Count in Reporting Element setting.  This is now fixed so that response count is removed from both the tables and the charts!
  • Ability to send all questions to HTTP Connect Action – This option is now available just below the Fields to Post!


  • Project Encryption is not working – This is now fixed!
  • In-app display of Summary Report chart fly over text is overlapping in IE9 – This is now fixed!
  • Excel Export link not appearing in Summary Report share link – This is now fixed!
  • Export to Word link from share report links does not work in IE – This is now fixed
  • Multi-page Javascript embedded surveys scroll to survey – Previously survey takers responding to a multi-page JS embedded surveys had to scroll back to survey on submitting each page.  This is now fixed so survey takers do not need to scroll to the survey for each page.
  • Ampersands are being converted to & in several places in the app – This is now fixed!
  • Include Questions: Blank Report option in Summary Report Creation does not exclude URL variables – This is now fixed!
  • Response ID not appearing in Send Email action PDF – This is now fixed!

That’s all for today!


SurveyGizmo Support Heroes

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