12/27/2012 Release Notes: More Fixes!

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New Features

Greetings again, Gizmos!

We released some additional fixes today:


  • HTML version of email campaigns always throw error message- Previously, when saving email campaign content, HTML email campaigns were displaying an error stating that the correct invite link merge code was missing even when it was not. This is now fixed!
  • Date of Last Response column in the dashboard reports strange date format - Occasionally strange date formats were appearing in the Last Response column inside the dashboard. Those strange dates will no longer display!
  • Incomplete logic error showing up with “is not answered” - Previously, when saving “is not answered” logic, an error message was appearing stating that the logic was incomplete. This is now fixed!
  • UTF-8 characters in URL variables – URL variable values with UTF-8 characters were not decoding properly in individual responses. They are now displaying properly.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow!


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