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Kipp is the Web Content Manager at SurveyGizmo. He blogs, tweets, and otherwise spreads the word about SurveyGizmo to anyone who'll listen. He spends the rest of his time jumping out of airplanes and trying (unsuccessfully) to teach his Border Collie to play Angry Birds. He firmly believes that everything in life is better with bacon.

SurveyGizmo Lean Startup Project

Build Rome In A Day: Start a Business Using the Principles Of Lean Startup

In an effort to get back to our roots, we’re launching a series of micro-startups using lean development and customer feedback principles. Learn more.

Survey Design Preview

Creating Mobile Themes Just Got Easier!

You can now preview mobile survey links to see how they’ll look on mobile browser screens!


Accessibility Surveys: Best Practices

Want to make sure your surveys are accessible to all your respondents? Follow these simple best practices.

SurveyGizmo Pricing Changes

SurveyGizmo’s New Pricing

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve introduced a new pricing option for SurveyGizmo. Read on to find out about the changes!

SMS Surveys

SMS Surveys are Here!

You can now send out surveys via SMS text messages using SurveyGizmo and Twilio! Learn how it works here.