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Pharlain is a reformed pastry chef from Upstate New York. She is currently trying to transition into a more tech based career by participating in her very own blog based reality show. She lives with Bronte and Kafka, the world's two friendliest cats, and her partner in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver. She suffers from a cephalopod phobia making the landlocked Colorado her dream state. She spends her time reading about marketing research and survey methodology and trying to become a survey writing fiend. When she's not doing that she likes to cook, read, or roll dice in a tabletop RPG. She is very grateful to not be on a real reality show so she does't have to worry about her hair.

Helping Hands

Do the Right Thing: SurveyGizmo Wants to Teach You How to Build Customer Happiness

Last time we talked about how SurveyGizmo started its culture of service and why it was so important. We also covered: How SurveyGizmo started with our CEO Christian and his desire to do the right thing by our customers. How we grew a whole team of Customer Service Heroes. The Customer Happiness Workshop and how [...]

Build Customer Happines

The Secret of SurveyGizmo Customer Happiness

It’s no secret that SurveyGizmo built itself on great customer service. We consider it to be the cornerstone of our success. But why? Why is service so important and why should you trust us when we tell you we can teach you how to build customer happiness? And how can building customer happiness help your [...]


Contact Information for Anonymous Surveys? Yes! We have the Technology!

Hi everyone! Your friendly neighborhood Survey Wizard here. It’s hard to believe, but I have been working directly with SurveyGizmo’s customers for well over two years. This makes me something of an old dragon around the support team, and the most senior SuperHero. There are some perks. Everyone fears and respects an Elder Wizard. I [...]

the market research event 2011 swag

The Market Research Event 2011: Swag Report

At The Market Research Event 2011, we soaked up a lot of great info, but we also had a lot of fun interacting with other companies (& we got swag!). Here’s a few of our top swag items from TMRE 2011.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys at The Market Research Event 2011

The Market Research Event 2011: Customer Satisfaction Surveys

On Day 2 of The Market Research Event 2011, we found some great insights into incorporating customer feedback into your business.

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