I <3 MailChimp, or The Best Customer Service Experience of My Life

I’ve always liked MailChimp. They have an awesome site, great usability, and quite possibly the best sense of humor I’ve seen in an online tool.

On May 4, 2010, otherwise known as Star Wars Day, MailChimp’s login screen absolutely blew my mind and was one of my favorite interweb moments of the year. I should have taken a screenshot, but at least they’ve memorialized it on their flickr.

Today, I went from MailChimp fan to MailChimp fanatic. In a day and age where customer service has almost become a bad word, I just expect long response times, canned answers, and a transfer to a supervisor when the individual I’m dealing with is not empowered to resolve my issue. MailChimp, this is NOT you.

The Issue
Basically, I had a free SurveyGizmo account user who had issues with their MailChimp integration. After resolving the issues, I asked the user if there was anything else that I could do to help. What did they want? Reimbursement for the unsuccessful MailChimp campaigns.

My Predicament
During my time at SurveyGizmo, we’ve always been empowered to do whatever it takes to resolve customer problems, whether this be working extra hours to help fix a survey or giving a refund for unsatisfactory service or performance.

However, this was a free SurveyGizmo user wanting compensation for a paid MailChimp account. How could I reimburse them outside of writing them a personal check? I don’t even have a checkbook!*

*Big shoutout to ING Direct! Save your money and bank online!

The Email to MailChimp Support
Not knowing where else to turn, I submitted the following support request to MailChimp at 8:07pm EST:

Hi guys! Marybeth, Support Manager at SurveyGizmo, here. I have a free SurveyGizmo/pay-as-you-go MailChimp account user who just ran two problematic campaigns.

In the first campaign, it appears that the API pulled the incorrect survey link, causing an “online survey not found” error. I helped the customer by creating a new campaign and ensured that the link worked.

When they resent the campaign, it turns out that the survey itself had a corrupted question, so survey takers were unable to submit their survey. Pretty much an all around disaster.

Unfortunately, this customer didn’t test either the survey or the emails or they would have found the issue themselves before their contacts did. Regardless, they aren’t very happy with us right now and want us to reimburse them for the campaigns.

Is there anyway we could hook them up with like 2000 credits? From my calculations, that is around what they used during this debacle. I would refund or credit them from our end, but they don’t pay us anything!

Any kind of help you can give me to appease this person would be great!

The Response
Now, MailChimp’s website shows their live support being available Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm EST. Seeing that, I was not expecting an answer until the next morning at the earliest. Even then, I had guessed that whoever received my request would need to speak with someone else to see if they could help me out.

Much to my surprise, I received the following response at 8:28pm, just 21 minutes after submitting my after-hours request.

Hi MaryBeth,

No problem, we added 3,000 credits. 2,000 to cover useage and an extra 1,000 for apologies.

Feel free to email us back if you have specific comments beyond this that we can assist you with.

MailChimp.com / Client Services

My Reaction
I couldn’t contain myself. After responding with the following email, I proceeded to call our Marketing Manager to rave about how I just had the best customer service experience of my life.

Not surprisingly, she knew exactly what I was talking about because she has awesome experiences with their support as well. Anyway, here’s my response to Edwin which I wanted to share with the world because MailChimp is so amazingly awesome!

OMG. Edwin, you rock.

I wasn’t expected an answer until tomorrow and didn’t even know if you guys could/would help. Your customer service is amazing!

I was such a huge fan of MailChimp and now I’m a fanatic!

SurveyGizmo <3's MailChimp,

Marybeth Alexander
SurveyGizmo Support Goddess/Manager

Why MailChimp Support is Super Awesome

What’s not to love? Here are the specific things Edwin from MailChimp did to rock my world:

  • He got back to be with a resolution in 21 minutes. I’m pretty sure that is a customer service record.
  • He gave me what I requested. No waiting for approval from a manager, no beating around the bush. He just said “No problem”.
  • He gave me extra as an apology. Seriously, how many companies do you know that would do that?
  • He did this all in 3 sentences without sounding terse or robotic. It felt like an email from a friend.
  • So how about you? Have you had any customer service experiences that make you want to shout from the rooftops?

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