Market Research – Big or Small Firms – Which are better?

I stumbled across a couple of things while looking for a topic for the blog today, and first I’d like to introduce you all to a great website that I think will be helpful to you. It’s called and you can post questions and have other users answer them. It’s a place where you can get live feedback from a panel of sorts and get deeper insight in to your questions.

I thought it was a very cool community and a quick and easy way to get outside input on a question that was nagging you. So that’s cool thing number one – the site in general.

The second thing I wanted to bring up was a question one of the users of Focus posed on the site. They asked, “Who brings more innovation to the Market Research world, small firms or large firms?”

This got me thinking about the advantage of using the different types of firms and how many of you who use SurveyGizmo are part of either a big company or a small company (not necessarily just part of a market research firm, but a company in general).

What I wanted to see are the different ways big companies use SurveyGizmo and online survey software in general versus small companies.

So, how do you use SurveyGizmo every day? Are you in a large company or a small company? Do you think you have advantage because of the size of the company you work for?

Leave the answers to your questions in the comments and we’ll get this conversation started!

(Yes, we do send out a survey once a year asking you these questions, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask again and now we can share with the community!)

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