Eventbrite Surveys Using SurveyGizmo

If you do anything with event planning, you’ve probably heard of Eventbrite. As one of the world’s largest ticketing systems, Eventbrite provides event management tools to help you promote your event, sell tickets, manage event check-in and attendee communications, and even analyze metrics of the event after it’s done.

They’re a pretty cool company, with a pretty cool product. (Which is why we wanted to work with them.)

So today, we’re happy to announce our integration with Eventbrite! You can now use SurveyGizmo to create Eventbrite surveys to distribute to all of your Eventbrite attendees.

How would I use an Eventbrite survey?


We think the less you have to worry about importing and exporting files and wading through spreadsheets of contact info, the more time you can devote to planning and running an awesome event. So our Eventbrite survey integration lets you do just that.

Let’s say you’re planning an annual conference for users of your software, and you want to get feedback on what last year’s attendees would like to see this year. Using the Eventbrite integration, you can now create a quick event planning survey using our event planning survey template, import last year’s event attendees from Eventbrite with one click, then send out an invite.

Eventbrite event surveysDuring the event, you can send your Eventbrite attendees an SMS survey to get immediate feedback on a speaker, the venue, or any number of questions you want to gather data on.

After the event, it’s just as easy to send a post-event survey to gather feedback and get ready for next year.

All of this can be done with one click – just set up the Eventbrite integration in your SurveyGizmo account, import your segmented list of attendees (or non-attendees, depending on what data you’re collecting), and start collecting feedback.

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