New Survey Charts are Here!

If you’ve logged into your account this week, you’ve already seen some of the changes we’ve been rolling out. One of the first things you’ve likely seen comes in Reporting – our new Survey Charts are here!

For a long time, our survey charts have used an engine that delivers each graph or chart as an image. The reports have always looked great, but there was something missing. We wanted them to be a little more polished…and we wanted them to be interactive.

So this week, we announced the launch of our new survey charts. On the surface, you’ll notice that they look quite a bit slicker than the former version. They also bring an element of interactivity to them that our charts haven’t had before. When you hover over a column in a bar graph or a wedge in a pie chart, you’ll now see metrics from your survey results overlaid on top of the chart.

New Survey Charts - Pie Chart

You can also interact with the new survey charts by clicking on a section of the chart, which will highlight it and offer more survey data. And in the Run Report screen, hovering over the data in the Response Breakdown table will highlight the relevant piece of the chart, giving readers a good visual indicator of how the survey data fits together.

New SurveyGizmo Survey Charts - Bar Graph

And they print beautifully.

We’ve been testing this format of reports in a few different places for a little while, and we like it a lot – with this week’s roll-out, you should see their use more widespread across the entire site. Hope you enjoy them – let us know what you think!

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  • Yasmeen

    i want to insert yearly result with percentage

  • Kipp Chambers

    Hi, Yasmeen -

    We’ll need a bit more information on your account to figure out how to help you accomplish this. If you’d like us to do that, drop us a note in Support by clicking on Help/Support > Help Desk in the top right of SurveyGizmo when you log in.