New Survey Features: Polls for the iPhone, Embed Polls into Blogs, Password Protected Surveys

Posted 07.06.07 by in: Features
Update: As of 2011, we no longer offer the application.But that’s okay – our survey software is now iPhone & iPad-enabled! At any account level, you can now optimize your surveys for iPhone, iPad, and other mobile platforms.

Enterprise and Dedicated accounts also have the ability to auto-detect mobile browsers and serve up an appropriate mobile version of an existing survey. This means you can show different versions of the same survey to someone on a desktop and someone on an iPad or iPhone.

Lastly, you can manage your online surveys from your iPad or iPhone. Our site is optimized for mobile browsers, so whether you’re using an iPad, iPhone, or something else, you can still get realtime updates on the go.

Creating and managing iPhone and iPad surveys is now easier than ever. Grab your iPad and give it a try!

New survey features added to SurveyGizmo this week.

  • Login / Password protected surveys feature released
  • API improvements. You can now access survey response data through the API. Read more about our survey API.

See the entire change log of survey software improvements.

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