Offline Surveys: Collect Survey Data with No Internet Access

We’ve long been fans of mobile surveys – depending on the circumstances, they can help you engage your respondents better than you would with a normal online survey. By taking the survey to your respondent using a mobile survey, you can often get much more accurate survey data than you would from a survey respondent sitting at a computer in their office or home.

That’s why we built our survey tool to auto-detect mobile browsers, and why we include iPad, Android, and iPhone survey themes with every SurveyGizmo account. When done right, mobile surveys = good data.

Unfortunately, up until this point, we’ve been missing something: What happens, for instance, if you need to collect data in the field at a remote location?

You can always administer a pen and paper survey…but then you have to plug the data back into SurveyGizmo by hand.

A better idea might be to use an iPad survey…so long as you have 3G internet access. But what if your location (or your iPad) doesn’t allow you to connect to the internet?

Offline Surveys


If you’re working in a remote area, or only have intermittent internet access (and no access to a printer), you’ll be thrilled to hear about our new Offline Surveys feature! We now let you publish an offline survey link that, through the magic of HTML5, lets you collect survey data without an internet connection!

offline mobile surveys

Publishing an offline survey is simple – just click a button to generate an “offline survey” link when you go to publish. Load up the link, disconnect from the internet, and you’re good to go. Collect as much data as you like offline – when you return to a location with internet access and connect to SurveyGizmo, you can easily upload your results to SurveyGizmo with one click of your mouse.

What can I do with offline surveys?


Offline surveys let you collect data in places you never dreamed of before:

  • Event Surveys: Collect survey data from event attendees right after the event itself, while the event is still fresh in their minds.
  • Consumer Surveys: Take a survey into a mall or out on the street to collect data.
  • Kiosk Surveys: Set up a kiosk survey at a trade show, with or without internet access.

You can even take a survey into the wilderness, if you want (although a power outlet may become an issue at that point).

Regardless, no matter how you decide to use them, offline surveys are now available in your account. So go give them a try! (And if you need help, check out our offline surveys tutorial.)

Image courtesy of Michael Coghlan – Flickr, Creative Commons (Attribution)

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  • Bryan Davis

    Can you embed audio files that read survey questions and responses to users in either kiosk or disconnected modes?

    • AudreyB

      I have exactly the same question. I need to have an off-line survey with embedded sounds that can only be played once. Did you find any information this? Thanks