Survey Tip: Using SurveyGizmo for an Online RSVP

Did you know that you can use SurveyGizmo as a way to send invites and track RSVP’s to a party, meet up, or get together? This is one of my favorite uses of SurveyGizmo (if you live in Chicago, Portland, or Virginia, you’ve seen me use it for our user meet ups in the past couple of weeks.)

Ok – back to using SurveyGizmo as an online RSVP. I like to use it for two purposes, and the first is to send out “feelers” for a meet up, similar to a pre-RSVP.

I upload a list of contacts to the email invitation system and send out a simple 2 – 3 question survey asking people if they have suggestions on time and place, and if they think they’ll be able to make it. You could do the same for a business meet up or even a party you’re thinking of having with friends.

I then run a summary report of the data I collect from my initial questionnaire, and use that to decide on where to have the meet up, what time to have, and estimate how many people will come to make initial reservations at the restaurant or space where we’re holding it.

Once I have all that set, I send out the real RSVP with the time, date, location, etc. I take that same list of contacts that I used in the first invite and upload it to my new survey and send out the RSVP.

One awesome feature of SurveyGizmo 3.0 is that the link inside of your email invite automatically creates a new response each time they’re clicked on. I love this feature, because you can then add a “PS” to the end of your email telling users they can forward the RSVP to anyone they want to, thus expanding the reach of your invite. (Random email marketing fact – Did you know that the “PS” is one of the most read parts of an email?)

After sending the initial invite, since you’re using our email invite system, you can send reminder emails to those people who haven’t RSVP’d yet (meaning they haven’t taken your survey).

The reason I like using SurveyGizmo for my online RSVP’s is because it’s so simple to do and you really only need a Personal level account to send out the email invites (the reminders come in at the Pro level) and you’re ready to go.

If you have any fun uses for SurveyGizmo, I’d love to hear them! Heck – I’d even write a case study on the blog about how you use it!

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  • Amy

    Is there a way to limit rsvp responses? For example, can I have one question with several dates and times (or even just one date and time) and once 20 people have answered that they will attend at that date/time, the survey will respond that the time if full (if there is more than one date/time option, I’d like it to say, please choose another from the list). Is any of this possible?

    • brittany

      Hi Amy,
      Unfortunately, right now we don’t offer that. I believe what you would want is a per answer option quota. It’s definitely a great request and I’ll add it to User Voice.

  • Brent

    Have you used the tool to calculate totals of responses at the bottom of the page as the respondent answers questions? If so, what scripting command will display the result of a mathematical formula used from answers provided in questions on the page (or throughout the survey)? This can be useful for things like conjoint analysis, etc.

    • brittany

      Hi Brent,
      I’m pretty sure this is possible, but I’m not 100% sure how do it. Your best bet is to contact our Support team, by clicking on the Support/Help link when you’re logged into your account, and they will have no problem helping you out.
      Thanks! ~Brittany

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