Online Survey Tips: Survey Blog Subscribers, Rating Scales, and Cross Tab Reports

We here at SurveyGizmo want your survey experience to be the most productive that it can be so in addition to providing you with a remarkable online survey tool along with how-to articles and video tutorials, we are posting daily survey tips on twitter and collecting them for a blog post each week.

So without any further ado, here are the most recent tips:

1. Survey your blog subscribers to help develop more engaged readers and a higher quality subscriber list 

2. Ask the question(s) before describing the rating scale you are using i.e. 5 is very satisfied, 1 is very unsatisfied

3. Create a mini Cross Tab report within a summary report to compare your radio button, checkbox & drop-down question data

4. A one or two question survey that changes every few days is a great way to keep visitors interested & coming back to your site

5. Offer participants an entry into a premium drawing & turn your survey into a contest to increase response rate

If you can’t wait for the weekly update be sure to follow SurveyGizmo on twitter to get the new tip each day. You can find suggestions here at the SurveyGizmo blog as well as links to helpful SurveyGizmo tutorials. If you have any survey tips you would like to share leave us a comment or send us an email, SurveyGizmo is all about feedback.

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