New Features: SurveyGizmo 3.0 Offers Pop-Up and Pop-Under Surveys

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Snap, crackle, POP-UP

Have no fear, our new pop-up features are here to increase your survey participation and ease your survey takers’ experience.

“What are pop-up surveys?”

  • Pop-up surveys open a new window for the survey on top of the user’s current browser.

“Okay, but what can that do for me?”

  • By opening surveys in another window, your survey takers can take surveys without leaving the page they began on, increasing the simplicity of their experience.
  • Also, pop-up surveys increase survey completion by opening a distinct window for your survey.

“How can I make my surveys into a pop-up survey?”

First, log in and pull up the survey you would like to make a pop-up. If you have not opened your survey already, open it. Under the distribute tab you will find a box titled ‘Add a new Link/Campaign’ here you will find ‘Website Pop-Up.’

In the link editor you can name your pop-up action, activate it, set response quotas.

You will also find a button labeled ‘View Embed Code’. Click this to retrieve the embed code to make your survey a pop-up on your website. Just copy this code and paste it into your blog or website and voila!

You now have a pop-up survey for your website or blog.

As always, if you have any questions or comments leave them in the comments section!

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  • Sonia

    1. Does Survey Gizmo popup when they leave the site?
    2. Does it pop-up every time or does it remember if they’ve either accepted or recently declined the survey? (basically, is there a way so we’re not bugging them if they come back multiple times in a short period of time.)

    • brittany

      Hi Sonia,
      The popup will happen when they go to the page that you have the embed code on. So if it’s on a blog page, once they get there, it will pop up.
      The way it’s designed, it will pop up every time the person re-enters the page. I believe you can put cookie-based duplicate protection on the survey though and it will stop the survey taker from taking the survey more than one time.
      Our support team is great at coming up with great out of the box ideas on how to get SurveyGizmo to do what you need, so just shoot them an email and I’m sure they’ll be able to help out.

  • Linda

    I have problems styling the popup. Somehow it will not include any styling even if I have choosen themes for both web and mobile devices. It only shows a plain white box with some text and two links.
    Is there some magic I need to ad to make this work?

  • Kipp Chambers

    Hi, Linda! Unfortunately, there’s no way to apply a particular survey theme to a pop-up survey. You can, however, style it using CSS and/or our color selection tools. If you’d like help setting this up, we can walk you through it! Just contact Support from the ‘Help Desk’ menu inside SurveyGizmo, and we’ll be glad to help.

    Also, I *do* see where it could be confusing, since when you go to set up a pop-up survey it asks you to choose which survey theme to use. I’ve alerted our development team, who will investigate what the best way is to turn that menu off so it won’t lead users down the wrong path.

    Sorry for the confusion! Please do drop us a line at Support and let us know what we can do to help you customize the pop-up!

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