Release Improvements (New Administrative options to Edit Responses and Add Administrative Questions and Fixes!)


We have some fun new features and fixes for you today!

New Features

Survey Administrator Workflow: Editing Responses and Adding Administrative Question:

**Available to SurveyGizmo, Enterprise, and Dedicated account levels**

We have an awesome new feature that has added three new items to your View Responses tab!

1: Administrative Question: This allows you to add administrative questions which are internal questions not visible to the survey taker, but instead only to your account administrators.


2: Response Editing: This feature also allows you to edit responses for data cleaning!


Using the Edit Response feature, you can quickly edit and modify responses!  For example, you could add admin questions to a job application that would give you the ability to give the applicant an overall rank, or rank them on certain areas of the application (or even track their progress in the interview process!

These new features allow you to continue the response beyond the survey making record keeping cleaner and more useful!

3. The Ability to re-fire an action: You can now re-fire certain actions inside of your View Responses tab! This feature allows you to re-send



  • SPSS Export: Previously, some of our customers were experiencing issues with piped pages not showing up correctly in SPSS exports. This has now been fixed!
  • Email Campaigns: For a short period of time, email campaigns would not allow you to upload duplicate emails into them. This is now working again properly!
Thank you everybody! – Have a great night!
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