Release Notes 01/10/2014: The Fixes Of Madison County

Posted 01.10.14 by in: Change Log

Well, hello dear Gizmos, fancy meeting you here! If you’re like most of the SG crew, this was your first full week back to work… and man, was it kinda difficult to get back into the groove or what?

We’re getting more and more excited about our next major release of SurveyGizmo so if you want to sign up for the sneak preview webinar, you can register here!

Here are the bugs we fixed up this week, check ‘em out.


  • Page piping from a piped question makes data not appear in individual responses – This should be backwards compatible, it does seem to update just fine in Data Explorer. THIS DOES NOT FIX VIEW RESPONSES IN THE OLD EDITOR, ONLY DATA EXPLORER.
  • If you baed Show When logic off an NPS or Likert scale question with “Is Answered”, a 0 would not trigger anything – Fixed!
  • Filtering by Multi-select Dropdown Menus wasn’t working for Reports or Exports – Multi-pass! She knows it’s a multi-pass.
  • Data Explorer table percentages were not matching Summary Reports – Match it up!

Be safe out there, collect some great data & we’ll see you next week!

Cheers & happy surveying!

-SurveyGizmo Support

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