Release Notes 07/05/2013: Pinchers of Power & Fixes of Freedom!

Even though it’s a holiday week (and most Gizmos are out having awesome adventures today), we’ve still been hard at work with bug fixes & releasing a new question type to all accounts!


  • We rebuilt the Net Promoter Score custom question (NPS) as a Core Question Type! It’s now available to everyone, allowing you to track customer satisfaction: 
    Please note that if you’ve used the custom question version, this addition is NOT retroactive and will NOT change your previously created questions automatically.
  • We also added the ability to add an NPS question to Reports after it has been created
  • And  the ability to use NPS questions in a Crosstab Report


  • Private Domain Report links and Report Embeds were not pulling CSS - Pulling now.
  • JavaScript embedded reports would cause CSS issues on web pages – Issued a fix!
  • Large CSV files uploaded to Login Actions wouldn’t always prepopulate the data correctly – Fixed!
  • Time stamps on exports of survey lists were inaccurate or misleading – T-minus fixed!
  • Numbering of unanswered questions in partial individual responses was incorrect – On the numbering, I come correct
  • Merge Code Helper wasn’t inserting the merge code at the cursor position in IE – Insert it!
  • Slider questions caused Drag and Drop questions to not work with a JavaScript embed if they’re on the same page – Workin’ it out now.
  • Slider questions just not working properly with JavaScript embeds – Fixed!
  • Segmented quotas were reevaluating on every page submit – They now evaluate only on the page that contains the question that quota is based on.
  • Completed segmented quotas were disqualifying new respondents upon survey load instead of page submission – Fixed!
  • Google login was taking to account creation instead of logging you in – Log it!
  • Checkboxes were not working in Cross Tabs, always showing 0 – Fixed!
  • Add as Needed Custom Groups that were hidden by default would appear when you moved forward a page then went back – All good!
  • The Save & Continue footer was not sizing properly on mobile devices/themes – Just right!
  • Add/Editing in Bulk Answer Option & Reporting Values when you had translated languages present, the translated options would disappear in Text & Translations – Shazam!
  • Responses from Secure Private Domain links would not record geodata – We can see you now!
  • Add as Needed Custom Group formatting would change when the back button was hit – I like the way you work it, no diggity.
  • If a user clicks the browser back button, they could undo a segmented quota – Fixed.
  • Hidden Login Actions were requiring a password when using the Edit Link – Fixed!
  • When using Quiz Scores in conjunction with ‘Less than’ logic condition, if the value was 0, it would not trigger – Triggering!
  • Overall survey quota was counting disqualified responses as “In Progress” – Stopped!
  • Replace mode on a normal theme was acting dumb when a mobile theme was also present – No longer has teh dumb
  • URL Redirect actions were not accepting question Merge Codes in the URL field – Acceptance for ALL!
  • When converting a Table of Textboxes to a Semantic Differential, you couldn’t make the new question unrequired – The option to convert no longer exists as it was never meant to work that way!
  • View Response would not update the Response Grid info for textbox questions that are the first answered question in your survey when updated by Edit Responses until the second time you saved it – Fixed!
  • A URL Redirect with a delay will also redirect you in an Edit Link to the first page – Found its way!
  • When editing a “Comments” appendix element in Summary reports, the source question was missing & an Oops error would occur -  Sorry ‘bout that!

Whew! Well, that’s it for this week. Stay safe out there & we’ll see you next time.


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