Release Notes 07/12/2013: With A Little Help(Gizmo) From Our Friends

We are pleased to announce the release of HelpGizmo, a new way to get answers inside of SurveyGizmo!

You’ll see the new icon in the lower left corner of your window:


Go ahead, give it a click & search away! It’s smart contextual documentation that we hope will get you the answers you need, faster & more efficiently than ever. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback & hope it… well, helps!

(One thing to note as we move forward with HelpGizmo is that the tutorial content located here in ZenDesk is now officially deprecated. Any new articles or updated content will be posted only to HelpGizmo.) 

Now on to your regularly scheduled release notes, featuring some enhancements, a small feature & more bug fixes! 



  • There were issues adding piped page containers to Summary Reports – Worked out.
  • Find & Replace wasn’t searching Custom Table row headers – Call off the search party.
  • Javascript actions in IE9 had a mind of their own – Think Different & all that. Wait…
  • Reporting values of 0 were changed to match the answer title when editing Reporting Values in bulk – Fixed!
  • Add/Edit in Bulk would strip out parts of HTML even with Clean HTML off – Keep that HTML on.
  • Email Campaign links could have different sguids from their contact ID’s – “She knows it’s a multi-pass.”
  • Default Values in Other row textboxes would not save data if the Default Value wasn’t changed and the respondent answered the row – Saving.
  • Issues when copying campaigns or updating campaign names using API when user is limited to certain projects – Issues resolved.
  • Couldn’t open up the translations of Polls in the Distribute tab – Opened up!
  • Response count for Offline links on the Distribute tab wasn’t working – Fixed!
  • It wasn’t possible to edit Report titles in reports with large amounts of filters – Impossible is the opposite of possible (Google it)
  • Segmented Quotas with two or more groups & two or more conditions within those groups were broke - Broke no mo!
  • Existing Report Elements did not export to Word or XLS files – Export ‘em!

Thanks for taking a look & have an awesome weekend!

Cheers & happy surveying!

- SurveyGizmo Support


(P.S. This is what it looked like here when HelpGizmo went live, at least at my desk…)

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