Spooky Statistics and Frightening Factoids Research Roundup

With Halloween being only a few days away I thought I would compile a ghoulish gathering of data to help get you in the monster mood in case you’re not already there

- According to Orange Soda’s infographic on The Marketing Economics of Halloween Attractions, the haunted house industry generates $400 – $500 million dollars in ticket sales each year, and 80% of haunted attractions in the US are operated by a charity or benefit

- MyHealthNewsDaily took at look at 37 of the most popular Halloween candies and found the five best and five worst of these for your health, based on their fat and sugar content. The list is worth a look especially considering that National Retail Federation estimates the average American consumer plans to spend $17.99 on candy this year

- Cool Infographics put together The Visual History of Halloween, a timeline infographic mainly focused on the historical foundation of Halloween from gourd carving in ancient Africa to the current day estimate of Halloween being a $6.9 billion dollar industry

Finally, a bit of Terrifying Tidbits from the folks at Halloween Web 2010:

A person born on Halloween will have the gift of communicating with the dead

If you feel a chill up your spine, someone is walking on your future grave

If you see a spider on Halloween, it is the spirit of a loved on watching over you

If the flame of a candle flickers and then turns blue, there’s a spirit in the room

If an owl looks in your window or if you seeing one in the daylight bad luck and death will bestow you

A hat on a bed will bring bad luck, something that any fan of Drugstore Cowboy can attest to

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween!

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