New Feature: File & Image Uploads

Our New Feature Roster is packed with our enhancements to SurveyGizmo, but we want to make sure you don’t overlook a major new feature that many of you have requested: uploading files for use in your surveys. Now you can easily upload images, such as your company logo, and add them to your surveys. You’ll be able to include, say, PDF files for download via your thank-you page. And you can even allow survey respondents to download files, edit them, and upload them back into your survey.

The feature is available under the My Libraries page on the navigation bar at the top of your screen:

Survey File Library

Under My Libraries–> File and Images simply click the Upload Files button, and browse to a file on your hard drive. Then, when you are editing a survey, you can select the uploaded file via the Add Text/Images option.

Free account holders, have you been looking for a reason to upgrade? This may be it, because only paid account holders can take advantage of this feature. As you go up the ladder, you’ll have more space for uploaded files. You’ll find all the details under our Plans & Pricing page.

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  • Julie

    Images seem to be cropped, chopping off 2 of the 6 images.
    Is there a file size limit for our designers? Are there pre-set page margins that can be modified?


  • Christian Vanek

    Hi Julie,

    Actually there are no limits but a lot of templates have predefined widths and that can hide your images. They are still there — just being hidden by the boundaries of your survey.

    I hope this helps… but if you need more advice (or want me to take a direct look at your survey) just email support or give us a ring. We are always happy to help!



  • Sergio

    Hi, is the upload image/file feature works for IPAD/Iphone application?

    • Kipp Chambers

      Hi, Sergio -

      Unfortunately, due to the different requirements of various mobile operating systems, the file upload features don’t currently work on iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices. We’re looking into a way to make it work, but we’re not quite there yet.

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