Have You Heard About SurveyGizmo's Affiliate Program?

We’ve gotten a lot of interest in our SurveyGizmo Affiliate Program lately, and as we talked to people, we realized that a number of our users don’t realize we have an affiliate program. So to keep you all up to speed, we wanted to write a quick post about it. For those of you who don’t know, SurveyGizmo offers an affiliate program to help bloggers, writers, and other content creators earn some cash!

If you use SurveyGizmo and feel confident recommending it to your friends/readers, we’d love for you to sign up as a SurveyGizmo affiliate!

It’s a virtually-painless process:

  1. Sign up as a SurveyGizmo affiliate using our affiliate partner, ShareASale.com.
  2. Include your unique link whenever you blog about us (or write about us. Or create videos about us. Whatever you like!)
  3. We’ll pay you a “finder’s fee” for every new paid customer who comes to us via your content.

(See? Told you it wouldn’t hurt too much.)

If you’re already using SurveyGizmo as a part of your website, why not sign up?

How do I get more information?

You can find more details on our affiliate program by visiting the SurveyGizmo Affiliate Program homepage.

Image courtesy of Max Klingensmith – Flickr, Creative Commons (Attribution)

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  • http://www.pongosystem.blogspot.com nganguem

    merci j’aime ça

  • Ted

    Thanks for the heads up! I did sign up for the affiliate program. I appreciate that you guys have one in place, because I was already recommending all my friends and colleagues to SG.

    However, the system you have set up with a 3rd party site is the most confusing, lengthy, and convoluted method I’ve ever tried – the exact opposite of the wonderful surveygizmo experience. I just wanted to refer friends and post a link to my sites and on Facebook. I had to create a new account on their site, apply, wait weeks to be approved, click a link, overall it was probably a 7 or 8 step process. I even had to get on the phone with them to ask questions; I shouldn’t need to get on the phone with anyone for something that basic.

    For a professional marketer with affiliate experience, who has a network or might be interested in signing up with lots of companies, shareasale.com makes sense. It’s a very complicated solution to a simple problem.

    I believe you guys can do it better. If it was simple & straightforward like you urge your users to design their surveys, I believe everyone would be using it to refer people.

  • http://mariolurig.com/ Mario Lurig

    Hey Ted,
    SG has a built-in homemade system for the early years, however the amount of tracking and limited payout options were doing more harm than good. So, SG decided to put more resources behind improving the product, and in that way partnered with ShareASale to keep the affiliate experience up-to-date. I’m sorry the process was more difficult than you had anticipated; you are correct in that it is setup for larger affiliates more so than smaller fans of the site.